About Opportunity 180

We are experiencing an unprecedented moment in time in Las Vegas. We are the city where change happens fast, and pedigree and fancy degrees matter little. We [Clark County] are the 5th largest school district in the nation, where work ethic and hustle are the currency of influence and where absolutely anything is possible. Our reputation is based on glitter and lights, but behind the smoke and mirrors is a small town with a deep sense of pride and underdog grit that believes we can become a world class community. In response to the call of what must be true for us to be our best, we have asked ourselves: “What will happen to our students if we don’t transform our education system?” And in response, educators, business leaders and government officials came together to pass a historic bill aimed at giving parents greater access to great schools.

Fully cognizant of this unique moment in time, Opportunity 180 launched in 2015 with a commitment to open and support high-performing, non-profit tuition-free public charter schools to address the problem that nearly 83,000 students attend low-performing schools in our community. Our vision is to ensure that 25,000 students attend great urban Clark County schools by 2025. Our name, Opportunity 180, represents our vision—to bring transformational, 180 degree change to support students and families in our community. We know that every student has the ability to succeed and we work relentlessly to create the conditions that provide students with schools that set them up for success.

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